Our roots go back to the 70s, when our visionary CEO, Eng. Kamel Younes built our company as EXPO MISR. Product by product, fields and fields of greenery and trees that grew the best and freshest of herbs and seeds.

We strive to technologize our production lines with the most up to date machinery. Sieving and cleaning our products to the levels that satisfy our clients needs.

At the facility we provide services from when the products first enter our storage till it is transported to our clients. Raw materials are treated, sorted, sieved, packed and stuffed in containers as instructed. These stages are handled by our finest agricultural engineers and teams of quality specialists.

Samples are analyzed through our quality control labs and through our main Governmental Agricultural Lab as well. These samples are taken from every lot that we receive before these lots are wear-housed.

Our Mission

Our company was raised on the basic responsibility of maintaining our high-quality of Egyptian farm products. Exporting these products offers us the pleasure of showing the world the treasures of Egyptian lands.

We are responsible towards our community and society. We regard the world as a whole and treat it as one place deserving equivalent shares of our charity work and social responsibilities. We raise and conduct several types of charity works in favor of our beloved Country’s environment and natural resources.

Our Services

The Planting, harvesting, filtering and sifting of natural plants, herbs, botanical plants. Also the process of drying agricultural products for the sole purpose of Exporting.
Conducting steaming and sterilizing operations on the final product being exported.
Filtering and packaging operations on all agro products for the purpose of exporting.


Traceability has a major importance for food sector all over the world .it is also vital for sustainable and organic production .

Within the scope of these concepts .what Expo Misr Trade does:

  • Farmers education programs.
  • Analysing soil samples from designated fields.
  • Supplying seeds for determined farmers of Expo Misr Trade.
  • Analysing product samples from Expo Misr Trade fields ,according to pesticides and PA &TA target .
  • Monitoring the fields in terms of undesired foreign plants contents.
  • Classifying the field for clean products to avoid PA&TA contents risks.

Chemical Laboratory

The following tests are performed to insure the best possible product outcome and finest quality assurance:

  1. 1
    Physical analysis

    bu Particle size range bu Bulk index

  2. 2
    Chemical Analysis

    -bu Volatile oil
    -bu Moisture
    -bu Ash
    -bu Acid insoluble ash bu Heavy filth

  3. 3
    Pesticide analysis
  4. 4
    Cleanliness Analysis

    ● Micro Sanitary
    bu Insect fragments
    bu Striated animal hairs bu Whole insects
    ● Macro Sanitary

Our Quality Certifications

Our outstanding achievements in terms of quality standards and customer satisfaction truly reflect the huge role that EXPO MISR has played in expanding the potential of Egyptian products. We are also accredited and certified to export organic products. We are so well accredited that we carry the certified memberships . We strictly comply with all Egyptian quality standards and look, a great deal, for the better health of our consumer’s worldwide.

Packing And Storage